So after the recent rains, I went out today to inspect the garden and do a little weeding. Found my pickle cucumbers were ready. I picked 5 initially but found another hiding.


Cleaned up the jars and made the brine.


IMG_20150623_224503961 IMG_20150623_224459896


Finally got around to trying these. I made the brine outside the jars this time using a tablespoon of pickling salt to one 16 ounce bottle of water. The pickles had the right salt content, but lacked in dill and garlic. The next batch I made two weeks ago I used garlic cloves slightly smashed like I normally do instead of the diced garlic. Also my dill heads from the garden were a bit larger.


Update 7/20 – I think next batch I make I will try just a 24 hour period at room temperature instead of 48 hours.

Beef and a garden

Took last friday off. Did some shopping. Picked up a package of beef ribs from Walmart along with some other items. Then stopped at Pinzone’s in Parma (they also have a stand at the West Side Market) for their anniversary sale. They had some nice bone-in strip steaks on sale along with some fresh brats and italian sausages. The sausages were only $2.50 per pound. I bought 4 large steaks (each one was 1.5 pounds), 6 brats, 6 hot italian, and three pounds of ground beef.

The beef ribs were done in Oakridge Black Ops rub cooked 4 hours on the smoker. They were not done yet so I wrapped them and stuck them in the oven at 250 for another 2 hours. Then they were finally tender and the meat seperated from the bones nicely.


Saturday we cleaned up the backyard and planted the garden. Picked up the plants from Rosby’s Garden Center which is right down the road.

  • 4 type of tomatoes (beefsteak, early girl, roma, and grape)
  • kale
  • Cilantro
  • Pickling cucumbers
  • Sweat cherry peppers
  • Hot cherry peppers
  • Jalapeno
  • Brussel sprouts

We also picked up a lemon tree from Petitti’s a week or so ago.



Monday it was steak time.

Ribs and a fatty

Invited the folks over to watch the Cavs playoff game versus the Celtics and made some ribs and a fatty. My rib game has been week lately. I don’t give them enough time. These could have used another hour to loosen up a bit more.

A “fatty” is normally a ground sausage that is smoked in a log form. Variations on this range. Mine was rolled out flat, stuffed with onions and cheese. Rolled back up and wrapped in a bacon weave. I also seasoned the inside with steak and burger seasoning.


I also made what I am calling chili beans. This consisted of a can of baked beans, a can of chili beans, onion, chili powder, a can of chili (no beans), ground beef, and some hot sauce.

The Sausage Shoppe

Stopped in the Sausage shoppe two weeks ago because while I have always heard good things and it being about 2 miles from my house, I had never been there.


They make pretty much everything they sell and have a nice selection. Some items are frozen while your normal items and some specialty brats are available fresh. Prices are on the high side at $8-$9 per pound. I picked up 4 links of Yuengling Beer and cheddar brats, 4 links of garlic and black pepper, and 2 pounds of fresh garlic kielbasa. I smoked the kielbasa and because the brats were already smoked (fully cooked) they just got a sear to heat up. The texture of both the kielbasa and brats was different then what I am used to. They both had a very firm texture from the leanness of the meat used in them but were very moist and tasted great. Well worth the price.

See inside the store using Google

Fried chicken

Marc’s had a sale on chicken quarters a couple weeks ago, .99 cents per pound. I froze a bunch and marinated three in italian dressing, salt, and pepper for some fried chicken. Then they went in a seasoned flour (garlic salt, pepper, paprika, and cayenne). Popped in the oil and cooked till done. Did some fries for a side.

Flank steak

I wanted to check out meat prices at GFS for awhile. While there I picked up a new knife and some other supplied that I thought were a good deal. I also picked up a pack of flank steak.

Two of them got my normal treatment for london broil, marinated in italian dressing and salt/pepper. The other was rubbed with Oakridge BBQ black ops rub. Cooked indirect for a bit then seared.

Pizza using Corbo’s dough

Made some pies last night using Corbo’s pizza dough which you can get at Marc’s (in the dairy section).


Set up the oven moving one rack to the highest position and the second rack in the middle. Oven temperature as high as it goes. Started pies on lowest rack for 5 minutes then moving to top rack for the last 5. I hand stretched the dough and brushed it with oil and garlic along with the pizza pan.


IMG_20141206_174115191 IMG_20141206_175200378 IMG_20141206_175207504 IMG_20141206_175214348

Happy Thanksgiving

Started the stuffing yesterday and got the giblets going in the chicken stock for gravy.

Stuffing is pretty basic, saute onions, celery, and garlic in butter. Season with salt and pepper. Brown some ground sausage. Poor over shredded bread. Add some chicken stock to make sure everything is really moist.

IMG_20141126_193021920 IMG_20141126_193004795

More pics to come


Turkey is on



Brushed it a few times with a mixture of butter, oil, garlic, pepper, and chopped onions. Smoked indirect for a bit over 3 hours.

IMG_20141127_140956083_HDR IMG_20141127_140950558

Now on to the sides.

IMG_20141127_165211674 IMG_20141127_163517709_HDR