Happy Days Trail – Peninsula

We hiked the Happy Days trail in Peninsula, Ohio this weekend with the kids. Started out at the northern tip near the lodge and made our way to the Ice cave then down to the overlook and the very southern tip. Criss-crossed over several minor trails then back up. Very nice trail with some moderate elevation changes and rocky terrain. Kids liked it and Eddy only had to be carried thru a few places.

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Brandywine falls

The other week I took the kids to Brandywine Falls which is part of the Cuyahoga Valley National park. It has been a very long time since I have been there (late 90s) and the park falls park area has changed quite a bit. The path to the falls is all boardwalk with quite a bit of stairs. Only got a couple photos since Edward was being impatient. It was a good time and the kids really enjoyed it.

IMG_20150711_111959253_HDR IMG_20150711_110553707IMG_20150711_171412024







Two giant ribeyes and bone in strip steaks. The ribeyes were 2.5 pounds each and the strips were about 1.5 pounds. Cooked indirect until internal temp was 110. Then added some more coals and got the fire nice and hot. Direct sear a minute or so each side flipping a couple times. Made these Saturday for my parents and family.

IMG_20150718_155605728 IMG_20150718_155649530


Seasoned with garlic powder, black pepper, and salt.


IMG_20150718_160747300_HDR IMG_20150718_164751365_HDR IMG_20150718_170801299

Ready for the sear

IMG_20150718_172402464 IMG_20150718_172535020

And a bit of a rest

IMG_20150718_173149562 IMG_20150718_173158127



Camping in Mohican

Last weekend we spent Friday thru Monday camping in Mohican. We stayed at Mohican Reservations campground (https://mohicanreservation.com/). The campgrounds were a bit muddy in spots and the rain over the weekend did not help. The tents stayed dry as we had them on a little hill. Others were not so lucky and a few tents at other sites were flooded. Sunday the place emptied out and we had the whole area to ourselves. Went on a hike to Lyons Falls (trail map), which was nice. The campgrounds can get a bit rowdy on Friday and Saturday so probably not the best place for young children at those times. The sites are large probably 30 feet wide by 60 feet deep on the river. Fishing was not so great as the water was very muddy and moving fast. Kids had fun being this was their first camping trip.

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