SPOG Steak and Pork Tatos

SPOG – Salt, Pepper, Garlic, and onion (garlic and onion in powder or granulated form)

I am a big fan of strip steak. My choice at any steak shop. Excellent texture and taste. Look for cuts with lots of marbling. Cook offset till 110 then sear for a couple minutes each side. Offset means, no direct heat. On the grill this is building the fire to one side and placing the steaks on the other. If done in the house, you would start the steaks in the oven at a really low temp, say 200 to 250. When they hit 110 or so, give them a rest and heat up a thick pan as hot as it can get, then sear. Always let the meat rest for a bit before cutting. Rest times will depend upon thickness, but in general you want the internal temp to start dropping rather than raising (also known as carry over).


The above are our spices. Powdered garlic and onion, kosher salt, and fresh ground pepper.

First up, potato


Seasoned with SPOG, but wait there is more!!!


Bacon never hurt anyone right?

For the main course, as mentioned before strip steak seasoned once again with SPOG.


Let those items rest while getting the smoker going.



Chimney ready. But wait, there is more!!!!


Why not add some small splits to it. Onto the pork-tatos. Those go on first.


Close that lid and let it got for a bit (15-20 mins) then rotate. Want the bacon to render slowly and let the potato to slowly come up to temp. Move it closer, or farther away from the heat as needed to cook the potato and not overcook the bacon.


Getting there. Time for the steaks to start.


After 5 or so minutes flip the steaks and rotate the potatoes.


Best part is next, but you should probably check the internal temps of the steak at this point. Mine was reading 109. Which means time for a sear. Couple minutes each side flipping and rotating to get the grill marks.


This is the fun part.





About that time to rest and serve.


Pasta salad, cause health.


Perfect medium rare which is how I prefer my strip steaks.