SPOG Steak and Pork Tatos

SPOG – Salt, Pepper, Garlic, and onion (garlic and onion in powder or granulated form)

I am a big fan of strip steak. My choice at any steak shop. Excellent texture and taste. Look for cuts with lots of marbling. Cook offset till 110 then sear for a couple minutes each side. Offset means, no direct heat. On the grill this is building the fire to one side and placing the steaks on the other. If done in the house, you would start the steaks in the oven at a really low temp, say 200 to 250. When they hit 110 or so, give them a rest and heat up a thick pan as hot as it can get, then sear. Always let the meat rest for a bit before cutting. Rest times will depend upon thickness, but in general you want the internal temp to start dropping rather than raising (also known as carry over).


The above are our spices. Powdered garlic and onion, kosher salt, and fresh ground pepper.

First up, potato


Seasoned with SPOG, but wait there is more!!!


Bacon never hurt anyone right?

For the main course, as mentioned before strip steak seasoned once again with SPOG.


Let those items rest while getting the smoker going.



Chimney ready. But wait, there is more!!!!


Why not add some small splits to it. Onto the pork-tatos. Those go on first.


Close that lid and let it got for a bit (15-20 mins) then rotate. Want the bacon to render slowly and let the potato to slowly come up to temp. Move it closer, or farther away from the heat as needed to cook the potato and not overcook the bacon.


Getting there. Time for the steaks to start.


After 5 or so minutes flip the steaks and rotate the potatoes.


Best part is next, but you should probably check the internal temps of the steak at this point. Mine was reading 109. Which means time for a sear. Couple minutes each side flipping and rotating to get the grill marks.


This is the fun part.





About that time to rest and serve.


Pasta salad, cause health.


Perfect medium rare which is how I prefer my strip steaks.

Chicken, burgers and more

This past week there was a sale on chicken halves for .39 cents per pound. Came in a 10 lb bag so made a few and vacuum sealed and froze the rest. Chicken was coated with oil then a Tuscan Chicken blend spice.

IMG_20150813_174238404_HDR IMG_20150813_174248185

IMG_20150813_174041583_HDR IMG_20150813_181702797_HDR IMG_20150813_182100595_HDR

Sunday we celebrated my daughter’s fifth birthday so on the menu was burgers, bratwurst, chicken, and threw on some kielbasa for a snack. To make the burgers I first cubed a chuck arm roast then pulsed 8-10 cubes at a time in the food processor

IMG_20150816_134927574 IMG_20150816_135313542_HDR


IMG_20150816_135403230 IMG_20150816_135514017


It takes awhile to process all of them. After that was done I skinned 4 of the brats and added them to the mix along with onion powder, pepper, and garlic.

IMG_20150816_141554472 IMG_20150816_141711789 IMG_20150816_142017511

Mix that all up and formed the burgers. No salt until just before hitting the grill.


IMG_20150816_171522199_HDR IMG_20150816_171854769 IMG_20150816_172427554

Made some garlic butter to brush on the corn and buns.

IMG_20150816_162717631_HDR IMG_20150816_173206433_HDR

Some hot dogs were cooked as well.

IMG_20150816_161238122_HDR IMG_20150816_180636265




Camping at Pymatuning in Jamestown PA

Annual camping trip to Pymatuning. This year we stayed at the Jamestown, PA camp ground due to the closing of most of the Ohio sites because of the bald eagles nesting. Good weather for the days we stayed. Fishing was a bit off I think because of the algae and water visibility. The sites were 222 and 223 and were fairly large and pretty isolated from the neighbors because of bushes. I think the ohio side is cleaner and these sites did not have electric unlike the Ohio ones. Also, there is no dumpsters close to the sites so you need to drive to the entrance to dispose of trash. We rented a pontoon boat from the marina nearby for about 6 hours at the cost of $120. The boat had a fish finder which was nice but did not really help us with catching much.

IMG_20150808_175004619 IMG_20150808_190950054 IMG_20150808_190953784 IMG_20150808_190956599 IMG_20150808_191000725 IMG_20150809_074739703 IMG_20150809_074745246 IMG_20150809_123635608 IMG_20150809_123929816 IMG_20150809_125532328 IMG_20150809_125538863 IMG_20150809_141535398 IMG_20150809_141540616 IMG_20150809_221859737 IMG_20150810_090045877 IMG_20150810_090131860


Vacation week.

Started out with a trip to Lake Erie Bluffs, a very nice park in Perry, Ohio.

IMG_20150801_150950884 IMG_20150801_150943849 IMG_20150801_150939082 IMG_20150801_150700696 IMG_20150801_150657863 IMG_20150801_140340867 IMG_20150801_140328026 IMG_20150801_135715131 IMG_20150801_135545273 IMG_20150801_135537789 IMG_20150801_135533264 IMG_20150801_135449146 IMG_20150801_135439346 IMG_20150801_135228617 IMG_20150801_133437300 IMG_20150801_133411537 IMG_20150801_133358933 IMG_20150801_130948124 IMG_20150801_130945567 IMG_20150801_130942284 IMG_20150801_130930580 IMG_20150801_130927305


Sunday we stayed at home where I made a brisket


IMG_20150802_081724314 IMG_20150802_121756868_HDR IMG_20150802_140204533_HDR IMG_20150802_144614185 IMG_20150802_144627957_HDR IMG_20150802_161010348_HDR IMG_20150802_173008482

Monday we went to the Lake Erie Nature Center then a trip to Huntington Beach and a little park in Olmstead Falls

IMG_20150803_162324416 IMG_20150803_162330051 IMG_20150803_162746568 IMG_20150803_162751045 IMG_20150803_162959633_HDR IMG_20150803_163002651_HDR IMG_20150803_163007066


Tuesday was the Cleveland Metro Park Zoo

IMG_20150804_135355353_HDR IMG_20150804_135918220 IMG_20150804_135925313 IMG_20150804_135930811 IMG_20150804_141231162 IMG_20150804_141236627 IMG_20150804_141245756 IMG_20150804_141551512 IMG_20150804_141604240 IMG_20150804_154350256


Wednesday we went to the Cleveland Botanical Garden then Lake View Cemetery to see the Garfield Monument, Eliot Ness, and Rockefeller.

IMG_20150805_113406010 IMG_20150805_113442064_HDR IMG_20150805_113449281_HDR IMG_20150805_113456980_HDR IMG_20150805_113502442 IMG_20150805_113510511_HDR IMG_20150805_113518178 IMG_20150805_113701469_HDR IMG_20150805_113707524 IMG_20150805_113711979_HDR IMG_20150805_113715923_HDR IMG_20150805_114718251_HDR IMG_20150805_114746005 IMG_20150805_114753044_HDR IMG_20150805_114815105_HDR IMG_20150805_114952233 IMG_20150805_114955397 IMG_20150805_115001422 IMG_20150805_115059362_HDR IMG_20150805_115105007_HDR IMG_20150805_115122830_HDR IMG_20150805_115421290_HDR IMG_20150805_115424797_HDR IMG_20150805_115436066_HDR IMG_20150805_115442047_HDR IMG_20150805_115448228_HDR IMG_20150805_115452682_HDR IMG_20150805_115502702 IMG_20150805_115507920 IMG_20150805_115523422 IMG_20150805_115531845 IMG_20150805_115603609_HDR IMG_20150805_115611501_HDR IMG_20150805_115618834 IMG_20150805_115624050 IMG_20150805_115652823 IMG_20150805_115657187_HDR IMG_20150805_115707728_HDR IMG_20150805_120010125 IMG_20150805_121400875_HDR IMG_20150805_143615867 IMG_20150805_143808413 IMG_20150805_143811755 IMG_20150805_143822629_HDR IMG_20150805_143914392 IMG_20150805_144129805_HDR IMG_20150805_144149699_HDR IMG_20150805_144313968 IMG_20150805_144322769 IMG_20150805_144538033 IMG_20150805_145336168_HDR IMG_20150805_145651025_HDR IMG_20150805_145742129 IMG_20150805_150202440 IMG_20150805_151222085_HDR IMG_20150805_151309319_HDR IMG_20150805_152912544_HDR IMG_20150805_153002885 IMG_20150805_153025351 IMG_20150805_153049451 IMG_20150805_153116633_HDR IMG_20150805_153130201 IMG_20150805_153508570 IMG_20150805_153514560 IMG_20150805_153527313_HDR IMG_20150805_153550658_HDR IMG_20150805_153710920_HDR IMG_20150805_153728641 IMG_20150805_153750147 IMG_20150805_153839113 IMG_20150805_153853250 IMG_20150805_153908739 IMG_20150805_153911906 IMG_20150805_153921586 IMG_20150805_153929042 IMG_20150805_153943186



Happy Days Trail – Peninsula

We hiked the Happy Days trail in Peninsula, Ohio this weekend with the kids. Started out at the northern tip near the lodge and made our way to the Ice cave then down to the overlook and the very southern tip. Criss-crossed over several minor trails then back up. Very nice trail with some moderate elevation changes and rocky terrain. Kids liked it and Eddy only had to be carried thru a few places.

Trail map

Trails reviews

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Brandywine falls

The other week I took the kids to Brandywine Falls which is part of the Cuyahoga Valley National park. It has been a very long time since I have been there (late 90s) and the park falls park area has changed quite a bit. The path to the falls is all boardwalk with quite a bit of stairs. Only got a couple photos since Edward was being impatient. It was a good time and the kids really enjoyed it.

IMG_20150711_111959253_HDR IMG_20150711_110553707IMG_20150711_171412024