Chicken, burgers and more

This past week there was a sale on chicken halves for .39 cents per pound. Came in a 10 lb bag so made a few and vacuum sealed and froze the rest. Chicken was coated with oil then a Tuscan Chicken blend spice.

IMG_20150813_174238404_HDR IMG_20150813_174248185

IMG_20150813_174041583_HDR IMG_20150813_181702797_HDR IMG_20150813_182100595_HDR

Sunday we celebrated my daughter’s fifth birthday so on the menu was burgers, bratwurst, chicken, and threw on some kielbasa for a snack. To make the burgers I first cubed a chuck arm roast then pulsed 8-10 cubes at a time in the food processor

IMG_20150816_134927574 IMG_20150816_135313542_HDR


IMG_20150816_135403230 IMG_20150816_135514017


It takes awhile to process all of them. After that was done I skinned 4 of the brats and added them to the mix along with onion powder, pepper, and garlic.

IMG_20150816_141554472 IMG_20150816_141711789 IMG_20150816_142017511

Mix that all up and formed the burgers. No salt until just before hitting the grill.


IMG_20150816_171522199_HDR IMG_20150816_171854769 IMG_20150816_172427554

Made some garlic butter to brush on the corn and buns.

IMG_20150816_162717631_HDR IMG_20150816_173206433_HDR

Some hot dogs were cooked as well.

IMG_20150816_161238122_HDR IMG_20150816_180636265