Making some hot sauce with some of the peppers I grew this year. I already pickled some jalapenos. The recipe is based on Emeril’s recipe found

Below is the mix of peppers

– Red/Green jalapenos

– Super Cayenne

– Some little peppers I forgot the name of

– 6 Ghost peppers


Trimmed the tops and into the pot with onion, garlic, a handfull of baby carrots and some peanut oil. Saute for a few minutes.


Add kosher salt and 6 cups of water (or enough to come up to the top of the peppers)


Cook out the liquid and let cool to room temp.

Use a stick blender or food processor to process to desired thickness while adding one cup of white vinegar. Taste. I added a bit more salt and two teaspoons of sugar to help round out the flavors.


Recipe calls for letting this age in the fridge for two weeks but so far it has a real nice flavor and heat.

Halloween 2014 – Walking dead theme

Building a Walking Dead themed display for Halloween.

One of the wall panels, going to need 7 total. Still needs some paint and accent blood.


Some masks for the zombie dummies




It was raining yesterday so started working on my zombie skeletons. I loosely based the bone measurements on my size. Originally I was going to use eye hooks to connect them with romex, but found using romex by itself was stiffer and stronger.

Foot with tendons for support, the structure can stand on its own but will need some support because it tends to be top heavy.

IMG_20141007_220333365 IMG_20141007_203415387 IMG_20141007_203433082 IMG_20141007_220958100 IMG_20141007_221001041 IMG_20141007_221706984 IMG_20141007_221906210 IMG_20141007_221919373 IMG_20141007_221949843



Update 10/8

Last night I built another skeleton for a character I am going to call Bob. Bob is not a zombie yet but a future victim.

IMG_20141008_212725929 IMG_20141008_212737281



Update 10/16

Finished the last 4 walls. Need to build a few more zombie skeletons and some other items and figure out what I am doing for hands.


IMG_20141016_203950332 IMG_20141016_204502369 IMG_20141016_204609761



Finished pictures

IMG_20141031_183216160 IMG_20141031_183211531 IMG_20141031_183205438 IMG_20141031_183153742 IMG_20141031_183135101 IMG_20141031_183126034 IMG_20141031_183119581 IMG_20141031_155256619 IMG_20141031_155243817 IMG_20141031_155240423 IMG_20141031_155230196_HDR IMG_20141031_155220677 IMG_20141031_155213262 IMG_20141031_155207383 IMG_20141031_155158681_HDR IMG_20141031_155152296_HDR IMG_20141031_155013919 IMG_20141031_153126156_HDR IMG_20141031_142754640_HDR

Pork loin Roast

Rubbed the pork with kosher salt and montreal steak seasoning. Covered the top with slice onions so they would render as the roast cooked. Cooked indirect for a little over two ours till internal temp was 145. Covered and let rest for 30-40 minutes.