Making some hot sauce with some of the peppers I grew this year. I already pickled some jalapenos. The recipe is based on Emeril’s recipe found

Below is the mix of peppers

– Red/Green jalapenos

– Super Cayenne

– Some little peppers I forgot the name of

– 6 Ghost peppers


Trimmed the tops and into the pot with onion, garlic, a handfull of baby carrots and some peanut oil. Saute for a few minutes.


Add kosher salt and 6 cups of water (or enough to come up to the top of the peppers)


Cook out the liquid and let cool to room temp.

Use a stick blender or food processor to process to desired thickness while adding one cup of white vinegar. Taste. I added a bit more salt and two teaspoons of sugar to help round out the flavors.


Recipe calls for letting this age in the fridge for two weeks but so far it has a real nice flavor and heat.