Happy Thanksgiving

Started the stuffing yesterday and got the giblets going in the chicken stock for gravy.

Stuffing is pretty basic, saute onions, celery, and garlic in butter. Season with salt and pepper. Brown some ground sausage. Poor over shredded bread. Add some chicken stock to make sure everything is really moist.

IMG_20141126_193021920 IMG_20141126_193004795

More pics to come


Turkey is on



Brushed it a few times with a mixture of butter, oil, garlic, pepper, and chopped onions. Smoked indirect for a bit over 3 hours.

IMG_20141127_140956083_HDR IMG_20141127_140950558

Now on to the sides.

IMG_20141127_165211674 IMG_20141127_163517709_HDR

Beef stock

Started making a huge batch of beef stock last night.


10 lbs soup meat with bones


One head of garlic

2 onions

8-10 stalks of celery

Spices: Salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme, basil, bay leaves

Rubbed the meat with oil, salt, and pepper then roasted in 450 degree oven till browned. Put meat in stock pot and covered with water. Roasted the veggies on the same pan till browned then put them into the pot. Bring to boil then reduce to simmer. Cooked all night. Strain or remove meat, bones, and veg from pot then reduce. Still working on reducing.

IMG_20141118_181756463 IMG_20141118_181804598 IMG_20141118_205626044 IMG_20141118_193714036 IMG_20141118_230321031 IMG_20141118_205631141

Extra thick cut steaks

Picked up two extra thick cut steaks. Each steak was a bit over 2 lbs. Total weight was 4.6 lbs. They were labelled as porterhouse, but one was more like a t-bone in size. Seasoned with salt. pepper. and Olde Thompson Steak and Burger seasoning.



Got some wood going in the offset to use as coals in the main cooking chamber. Started the steaks indirect then finished with a sear.

IMG_20141116_162916517_HDR IMG_20141116_162859555_HDR IMG_20141116_172222894 IMG_20141116_182944139


Pork Shoulder and firewood

I ordered some firewood from Madden Brothers to use in the smoker. Stacked it all yesterday while doing some other stuff outside and smoked a pork shoulder.

The shoulder I smothered normal yellow mustard on then covered with Oakridge BBQ black ops since I had it on hand. I mixed up a mopping sauce based on this recipe, but instead of using apple juice, I used apple sauce (since we had some) and I added some mustard.


I started it kind of late about 1:30 PM, so I ran the smoker in the 325 range for 8-9 hours. Came out really nice and pulled very easy.

IMG_20141108_134612250_HDR IMG_20141108_190326937 IMG_20141108_134605242_HDR IMG_20141108_164306792 IMG_20141108_194404577