2015 first brisket

First brisket of 2015. Picked up at Walmart.


Trimmed it up.

IMG_20150102_202001707 IMG_20150102_202026968 IMG_20150102_202005682

And build the rub. Fresh cracked pepper, salt, garlic salt, and spicy montreal steak seasoning.

IMG_20150102_204201246 IMG_20150102_204129717 IMG_20150102_204111555 IMG_20150102_203932042




And rubbed on the meat.


Ready to hit the grill.

About an hour in. Temps running 325-350 range.



About 3 hours in, internal temp is 160.




At the 4 hour mark hit a stall. 5 hours in and it is at 185.




Got a bit darker than I would have liked. Total cooking time was about 5:40. Probed tender and internal temp was running north of 200 in various sections. Smells really good.

IMG_20150103_173823360 IMG_20150103_180937281 IMG_20150103_181039143

Smoked Chicken

Seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and some spicy montreal steak seasoning.

IMG_20150101_171854419 IMG_20150101_162613534


It was cold and windy. Had trouble keeping temps up. I left the chicken in the foil pan during the cooking.

IMG_20150101_173118373 IMG_20150101_173318529

Did some simple roasted potatoes. First added some peanut oil, then the same rub as the chicken. Roasted in oven at 375 for about an hour. Basically till they were getting brown. Stir once after 30 minutes.


I forgot to get the finished pics as it was getting late.

Some pics of the chicken the next day.

IMG_20150102_181246538 IMG_20150102_181250692