First flight

So my first quadcopter I got stuck at the top of my neighbor’s tree the second day after I got it. I tried to build a pole to get it down but it was too high to reach. I waited for a storm/wind to see if it would knock it out or lower. Finally last Sunday it did and I was able to extract it from the tree. It had been rained on a few times but surprisingly still worked fine with zero damage. Below is the video of my first flight.

Syma X5SW

While waiting for the quad to fall out I ordered a second one and some additional parts. I practiced a lot and got fairly comfortable with it. It is a very fun quad to fly. Very durable. Only problem is that with it being so light wind can affect it easily. I find trying to fly it high presents a very real possibility of losing it as the wind is faster and you lose control and go out of range easily. Below is a video I did yesterday where it got caught in a wind and flew out of range landing in the front yard of a house the street behind me.

Update, this is the quad I have and having now owned this a couple months it is a nice beginners quad. The camera quality is not great but I normally fly without it. I bought a small tool box from harbor freight and some spare replacement parts and batteries. Replacement parts normally ship from China and can take awhile to get. So if ordering for Christmas, I would suggest ordering now.