Pork Shoulder and firewood

I ordered some firewood from Madden Brothers to use in the smoker. Stacked it all yesterday while doing some other stuff outside and smoked a pork shoulder.

The shoulder I smothered normal yellow mustard on then covered with Oakridge BBQ black ops since I had it on hand. I mixed up a mopping sauce based on this recipe, but instead of using apple juice, I used apple sauce (since we had some) and I added some mustard.


I started it kind of late about 1:30 PM, so I ran the smoker in the 325 range for 8-9 hours. Came out really nice and pulled very easy.

IMG_20141108_134612250_HDR IMG_20141108_190326937 IMG_20141108_134605242_HDR IMG_20141108_164306792 IMG_20141108_194404577