Two giant ribeyes and bone in strip steaks. The ribeyes were 2.5 pounds each and the strips were about 1.5 pounds. Cooked indirect until internal temp was 110. Then added some more coals and got the fire nice and hot. Direct sear a minute or so each side flipping a couple times. Made these Saturday for my parents and family.

IMG_20150718_155605728 IMG_20150718_155649530


Seasoned with garlic powder, black pepper, and salt.


IMG_20150718_160747300_HDR IMG_20150718_164751365_HDR IMG_20150718_170801299

Ready for the sear

IMG_20150718_172402464 IMG_20150718_172535020

And a bit of a rest

IMG_20150718_173149562 IMG_20150718_173158127