The Sausage Shoppe

Stopped in the Sausage shoppe two weeks ago because while I have always heard good things and it being about 2 miles from my house, I had never been there.

They make pretty much everything they sell and have a nice selection. Some items are frozen while your normal items and some specialty brats are available fresh. Prices are on the high side at $8-$9 per pound. I picked up 4 links of Yuengling Beer and cheddar brats, 4 links of garlic and black pepper, and 2 pounds of fresh garlic kielbasa. I smoked the kielbasa and because the brats were already smoked (fully cooked) they just got a sear to heat up. The texture of both the kielbasa and brats was different then what I am used to. They both had a very firm texture from the leanness of the meat used in them but were very moist and tasted great. Well worth the price.

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