So after the recent rains, I went out today to inspect the garden and do a little weeding. Found my pickle cucumbers were ready. I picked 5 initially but found another hiding.


Cleaned up the jars and made the brine.


IMG_20150623_224503961 IMG_20150623_224459896


Finally got around to trying these. I made the brine outside the jars this time using a tablespoon of pickling salt to one 16 ounce bottle of water. The pickles had the right salt content, but lacked in dill and garlic. The next batch I made two weeks ago I used garlic cloves slightly smashed like I normally do instead of the diced garlic. Also my dill heads from the garden were a bit larger.


Update 7/20 – I think next batch I make I will try just a 24 hour period at room temperature instead of 48 hours.