Fathers Day

I actually cooked these Saturday. Pinzones was running a special on cowboy cut ribeyes. Picked up two for the family and two for my dad. Each steak is about 2.5 pounds and about two inches thick.

IMG_20150620_172319005 IMG_20150620_172310289

Rubbed them with oil then seasoned with salt and pepper. Cooked them indirect on the grill until internal temp was about 110.

IMG_20150620_172453828_HDR IMG_20150620_172447948_HDR

IMG_20150620_174110593_HDR IMG_20150620_174032858_HDR



IMG_20150620_175957996_HDR IMG_20150620_180007172_HDR

Now add some more lump and get the temps up a bit for the sear.

IMG_20150620_180121700_HDR IMG_20150620_180425823_HDR


Few minutes each side flipping a few times because the fire was indeed hot.

IMG_20150620_180459177_HDR IMG_20150620_180553439_HDR IMG_20150620_180842344_HDR IMG_20150620_181044481_HDR IMG_20150620_181050667_HDR IMG_20150620_181105243_HDR IMG_20150620_181255217_HDR IMG_20150620_181258863_HDR


And done. Let them rest for a bit.