Carne Asada Pork

This was from my first long smoke in the new smoker. Carne Asada pork butt. First I made a paste using oil, worcestershire sauce, store bought carne asada seasoning, some steak and burger seasoning, and some whisky.

IMG_20150328_164416742 IMG_20150328_164428119 IMG_20150328_164525838_HDR IMG_20150328_164643448 IMG_20150328_165628346

Poured it all over the pork and wrapped it up for a bit. In the fridge overnight. Then onto the smoker for about 12 hours.

IMG_20150328_164403993 IMG_20150328_172328308 IMG_20150328_172335590 IMG_20150329_115059324 IMG_20150329_135138821 IMG_20150329_174120172 IMG_20150329_211910009

Turned out great