Started working on finishing my basement. Currently building a wall towards the back of the basement for built in storage. Also bought a new tool which works very well. Duo-Fast powder actuated nailer for attaching the base plates to the concrete.


IMG_20150221_155708377 IMG_20150221_155753254


IMG_20150221_155610386_HDR IMG_20150221_155618812_HDR IMG_20150221_155656357 IMG_20150221_155643429_HDR IMG_20150221_155637247_HDR IMG_20150221_155629300_HDR IMG_20150221_155623971 IMG_20150221_200854073


Green board. Mold resistent drywall.

IMG_20150221_200835859 IMG_20150221_200829883

It is currently all muded and has a couple coats of primer.