Merry Christmas and a practice roast

Save-a-lot ran an add this week for a Rib Roast for $4.99 per lb. Thought I would check it out and see if I could find a decent one to do as a practice roast this week in preparation for next week. I think they had two in the case. One was about 3 lbs but had zero marbling so I decided to pass. They also had some eye of the round at a decent price so I picked up one that was about 3.5 lbs. Seasoned it last night with salt, pepper, and Olde Thompson steak and burger seasoning, then vac sealed it. I will be cooking this either tonight or tomorrow.

IMG_20141216_194340345 IMG_20141216_195149194


I always wanted to try this french dip au jus, so picked it up with some cheap beef broth.


There is a lot of sodium here. For Christmas I will be using my beef stock and adjust the ingredients if I like the flavor profile of this concoction.




Also here is this year’s Christmas tree.




Update – Cooked the roast last night. First thing, the Au Jus was not good. Had a heavy soy sauce taste that was off putting. I made it per instructions. After I tried to dilute it with the beef broth and some shallots to try to even out the taste, but it was a lost cause. It got dumped.

The roast I smoked until internal was 135. Temperature started around 340 and I just let it ride out without adding any more wood. Towards the end it was running at 260 or so. I did not time it. The flavor was very good and I would say it came out about medium after resting. The roast was in the vacuum pack with the seasoning for almost 48 hours which I think helped with the flavor.

IMG_20141218_195155965 IMG_20141218_202225832


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